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Pairin' OffThe horseshoes of love

We're hitched!

We've got pictures!

Dad came through town last night, and as the default photographer for this event (although there were several others under consideration...), we convinced him that it would be a good time to walk around and snap a few shots. Well, a few turned into nearly 90 (go digital storage media!) and after sorting through them, we decided to post a couple.

Besides that smiling doofus in the shaggy haircut that seems to be in all the pictures, they look really nice.

Click on each picture below to open a bigger one in a pop-up window.

By the Lake of the Isles - Lake Harriet canal Among the flowers and trees, I Among the flowers and trees, II Lake of the Isles and the Minneapolis skyline Hanging out...

Posted by jake on 24 May 2003 8:31 PM


Thanks for the beautiful pictures Dad! Love, Arielle and Jake

Posted by Arielle on 3 June 2003 10:22 AM

You guys are just so great! I've shown the website to a lot of people at work and everyone thinks it's really snazzy. Can't wait to see you all!

Posted by BETH on 27 June 2003 8:42 AM