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Eastern living

Our trip to Pittsburgh was a hard-fought success. On Saturday morning we emerged from the hills of the city knowing that when we return, we will have a place to live.

Getting things in order wasn't so easy, though. We had to deal with some major road construction (not to mention those hills and crooked streets!), the absence (self-inflicted and proud of it, admittedly) of a cell phone, being stood up twice, pet discrimination, and some pretty questionable properties. However, we had a good map, an abundance of pay phones (and our Motel 6 answering service), and a lot of leads on our side.

We ended up getting a great place on the first floor of a building in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood, which is located on the north bank of the Allegheny River. It's big but yet cozy, has a lot of bright painted walls, and has a built-in bookcase that is just begging to be filled.

Pictures of the neighborhood and the trip will be posted soon.

Posted by jake on 20 July 2003 9:51 PM


hiya Jake and Arielle!
Jerry gave me your site addy one day when i stopped by minn-dak to chat with my pop.
Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
Call if your guys are in wahpeton anytime before you leave! Daves always home, so he could give you my cell if i'm not around.
Later guys!

Posted by opes on 23 July 2003 12:05 AM